Kid’s Electric Scooter Buying Guide

Thinking about going out and buying a new electric scooter for your child?

It’s an exciting time, and a lot of people don’t think long about what they’re buying. This is a real issue and is the reason people end up being disappointed with what they get. You want to buy with a purpose, and that includes doing your research because this involves your child. You want to get something they will be able to ride for a long time to come and not risk their lives doing so.

Here are some of the tips that are going to ensure you are on the right path with the purchase.

Look at these tips and create a checklist, so you can go through each option and see if the potential target works in your favor. If not, you need to keep looking because quality options are out there on the open market.

1) Size

It’s going to start with the size.

The wrong purchase often involves ignoring a scooter’s size. Not all are going to come in a standard size, and that’s where mistakes are made. The ideal approach is to look at a scooter that is built for kids and is going to last for a long time as they get older. It shouldn’t break down as soon as they increase in height.

The sizes will vary, and that’s why it’s best to start measuring and getting a read on what’s approach when it comes to a kid’s electric scooter. This is an ideal starting point and an excellent way to filter bad options out of the way as soon as possible.

2) Safety Standards

This is one of the most important requirements as an adult when it comes to children.

You don’t want to put them at risk, and it can happen with the wrong purchase. Look at the safety ratings and see how they are made. This is going to include the type of parts the scooter is made from and how it has fared when used by other children around the nation.

You don’t want to be left with a scooter that breaks apart as soon as the child gets on it nor do you want something that is going to stop working as soon as the kid rides. This is risky and something you don’t want to play around with as a buyer. You want to look into this as soon as you can and make sure everything checks out. If not, you should move on.

3) Type of Scooter

The market is flooded with electric scooters, and that means it is going to be a complicated research session.

Most buyers tend to get flummoxed when it comes to these potions and go with whatever they can find. This isn’t the way to go because there are different types of the market. While all modern-day scooters have “step through” designs, they are going to vary in other features.

For example, an electric scooter may come with a folding design while others are going to come with no seat. This makes it essential to know what your child will like before investing. Some children prefer the seat while others like the higher handlebars.

It’s up to preference, but the differences should be noted, so the purchase doesn’t disappoint. There’s nothing wrong with the different options, and it’s all about taking the time to see what they are. As long as you do this, you will be okay.

4) Type of Battery

Anything that’s electric is going to require quality batteries and the same applies here with electric scooters. You are wasting time if the electric scooter doesn’t have good battery life. Charging it will become a real headache and not something you want in your life right now.

Think about the battery life and the range you are going to get with it on a single charge.

In general, the ideal option is going to be an electric scooter that can at least 3-4 hours of quality before it starts to sputter. In most cases, the lithium variations are better because they don’t take long to charge while lead-acid batteries disappoint. It all comes down to what you are willing to invest in as the lithium batteries are also going to be set at a higher price due to how they function.

5) Durability

No one wants to get an electric scooter, sit down, and watch it break.

This is the worst feeling in the world, and there isn’t a single thing that is more frustrating than a poorly-made product. You take the time to purchase it, and you may even do your research, and it’s going to break down. This is why you want to take a look at previous reviews to see what people are saying.

Does it last? Does it look good over the long haul or does it deteriorate with time? This is always important because you want to have a good option that’s going to last for a while. There is no motivation to invest in something that will break down and simply refuse to work over time. It’s not worth your money nor should you be considering it as a choice.

Go with something that is built with a purpose. It’s a must.

6) Weight Capacities

How much weight can the electric scooter handle?

While this won’t be an issue with children, you still want some leeway when it comes to what you are purchasing. Getting an electric scooter that isn’t going to handle a lot of weight could make it unusable or unsafe after a while. This should be a long-term investment as long as you take the time to get something with proper features.

This is going to include the weight capacity figures you are getting from it. The wrong option is going to break down if you put too much weight on it and that is never fun. Be patient and make sure you are getting something that’s durable enough to handle more weight. If you do this, you are going to be happy, and your child will be as well.

This is what matters and might become a major plus point.

7) Speed

Speed is dependent on what you are looking for as a buyer.

For some, the extra speed isn’t necessary nor is it something they want for their children. This is okay, and you may even have to deal with local regulation about what can be used on sidewalks. With this in mind, you want to look at the maximum speed that is generated by the electric scooter. If it’s too low, you need to move forward, but the same applies to scooters that are set too high. You may not want a child to sit on something that can start racing down the street at breakneck speeds!

It’s also important to note; there are other issues to look at when it pertains to speed.

You don’t want something that goes too fast because that also means it will burn your battery. It is going to eat into the battery life making it frustrating to use.

The best option is always one that is going to offer enough speed to make it fun without ruining the experience or making it a safety hazard. This is what you have to think about as you are getting a new electric scooter.

8) Range

How far can it go on a single charge? Is it going to last over the long haul or will you need to replace its parts eventually?

The best electric scooter is going to be one that can generate significant numbers. It should be able to provide the range on a single charge. For most this is going to mean you can get it to run at least 3-4 hours non-stop before it slows down.

If the range isn’t there, how are you going to have enough time to have fun? You are not! This is why most people think about the range when it pertains to an electric scooter. You want something that is robust, easy to use, and will work well all the time.

Range means you want something useful as it puts things together and goes long distances. There is never a good reason to go with anything else.

9) Suspension

Many electric scooters come with no suspension, and that’s unfortunate.

The ride can be bumpy and aggravating even for children. Plus, it can also pose a safety risk depending on where they are headed. You should be thinking about getting something with at least some semblance of protection against bumps. This is how you are going to avoid injuries.

Children are going to ride the electric scooter everywhere, and proper suspension metrics will matter. If not, you are going to be left in a scenario where things don’t work out, and the child gets hurt. In some cases, this is also going to be a matter of preference.

Where are you going to be riding it with your child? Is it a bumpy location? Is it a smooth residential area that doesn’t have a lot of bumps on the sidewalks or pathways? This is something that will determine whether you are willing to sacrifice a bit on the suspension or not.

10) Price

Look into the price point because setting a budget early is always recommended.

With so many options and so little time, do you want to scour through electric scooters only to realize you don’t have enough money? It is all about setting down a budget and then filtering options out. This is how you are going to enjoy the research phase, and it’s going to yield what you are looking for.

Too many people don’t do this and then waste their time looking at options that are out of their reach. This isn’t worth it and is only going to delay the buying process even more. Stay smart and look at your budget as soon as you can. It will make the buying process a breeze, and you will have the scooter in your hands earlier.

11) Brakes

Always make sure you are giving attention to the brakes with a machine such as this.

This can be attached to the idea of safety ratings. They are going to check for the brakes, but you want to emphasize them when you are making a purchase. Don’t go with something that has inferior brakes and might fall apart over time due to natural deterioration.

This is risky and might lead to an accident!

You want to get brakes that are built to last a lifetime. This is the only way you are going to feel safe, and the best options will do this for you. They are going to last and are going to work well for as long as you want. This is ideal when it comes to getting a new electric scooter.

The ideal setup is going to be an electric scooter with two braking discs (front and rear). Some come with a front disc, but that’s rarely enough.

12) Replacement Parts

This has to be mentioned because reality can set in quickly even with the best electric scooters. They are machines, and they will break down sometimes. It’s all about knowing how much the replacement parts are so it can become a quick repair job rather than a drawn out one.

The best thing to do is take a look at replacement parts online.

Are the costs reasonable? Are they something you would be okay paying down the road if something were to go awry? Look into this and then make your decision. Otherwise, you will end up with something that’s below par and not worth it at all!

These are the tips one has to focus on when it comes to purchasing a new electric scooter. Follow these tips and get a solution that will be the talk of the town and bring a smile to your child’s face.