Best Electric Scooter 2018

The Top 5 Electric Scooters for Kids

Once a creative mind with a sense of adventure finds themselves with plenty of materials and a good set of wheel, all kinds of mobile contraptions become a reality. This is how we arrive with the vast plethora of skateboards, bikes, trikes, wagons and all manner of wheeled contraptions that provide kids with amusement out in the sun.

But, when the regular wheeled options become mundane and small kids turn to big kids with a sense of adventure and taste for adrenaline, it is time to bring in the electric scooter.

The scooter has come along way to the inverted wooden crate with roller skates bolted to the bottom our forefathers enjoyed. Today’s high-tech varieties are powerful, versatile and if chosen cautiously, super safe.

The electric scooter is a terrific way to introduce the adventurous youngster to the wonderful world of motorized transportation and combines the fun of mobility with the functionality of a dependable ride and even a mode of transportation for navigating the local neighborhood, parks and other safe community areas.

Of course, getting the best experience from an electric scooter is only possible after matching the proper product to the kid in question. Consequences for poor research can be as disappointing as a dull ride for a big kid to as life-threatening as an out of control ride for a small kid.

With this in mind, the following article will provide an overview of the best electric scooters of 2018. Along with copious information on these products we have included a few of the most important factors that should be considered when choosing an electric scooter for a youngster close to your heart.

What to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Scooter

Before we can provide you with examples of the best electric scooters of 2018, it is important that we define what best means. As you can imagine the needs of your 15-year-old will be very different from those of an 8-year-old.

To get a sharper idea of what is “best” for the child in your life, here are some key point to contemplate.

Speed — The need for speed should be obvious enough. Your bigger kids with are obviously going to be more attracted to a scooter with get-up-and-go life in its engine. Parents will feel safer giving their smaller children a milder engine that can still provide the fun with few risks.

In the kid’s department, we won’t find any electric scooter going faster than 15 MPH; only big people scooters max out these speeds. But this is fine because taking off down the road or path at 15 mph is a great speed for the anxious 11 – 15-year-old and probably a thrilling ride for you too.

Then there are other options that are better suited to the needs of a smaller rider or perhaps one with less experience behind handlebars. Some electric scooters won’t go any faster than 9 or 10 MPH. If you are considering a gift for a smaller child, this might be the most appropriate option.

Safety — the only way to ensure your favorite kid is safe from harm at all time is to provide the proper safety equipment for their protection. This includes helmets, proper shoes (and tied laces), kneepads and elbow pads as well. Parents have the responsibility to enforce the use of this safety gear at all times. Accidents on wheeled and motorized vehicles can be especially dangerous and even fatal. But, this is the perfect time to impress upon your child the need for safety and caution.

Design/Look/Dimensions — the best look feel, and dimensions of a scooter should also be applied to the specific needs of your child. Do you have a very large 6-year old? Or perhaps a very small 12-year old? Be sure to look at the specific dimensions, recommended age ranges and weight capacities for your electric scooter to make sure the scooter matches the needs of the kid. There are also different designs and styles for foot-decks and frames that allow for optional footing. Here again, the needs of the child should be considered.

Braking Systems — If your child is not able to stop their forward motion, they could get into an accident. It is important that a child is fully experienced in a hand braking system before getting behind the handlebars of a electrics scooter. If they aren’t a slower safer model may be ideal for them. The single rear braking system engaged at the handle bar has been hailed by professionals as the best introduction to this skill.

Durability — when considering the safety of electric scooter, it is important that the quality of the product is up to par. If the quality is poor in the mechanical components, the results can be accidents of all types. You will be happy to know that all the options you will find in this article are made of the highest quality steel frames with chain driven motors and batteries built for life.

Battery Life — there is no question about this, the amount of fun to be had on an electric scooter is directly related to the life of the battery. Once the battery dies, the fun is gone. If you are presented with 5 minutes of fun from a full 12-hour charge, you are going to be sorely disappointed. Be sure the batteries fueling your ride are of the highest quality. Lithium-Ion batteries are about the best in the business.

While there are plenty of other factors from cargo areas and headlights to leather seats and more, these are the most important factors the overall functionality of your electric scooter. With this in mind, we went through the market with a fine-toothed comb to produce the top 5 electric scooters we feel exemplify the fun, adventure and top-quality that make these vehicles such a joy.

The Top 5 Electric Scooters

1. Razor Trikke E2

Out first option is loads of fun at a turtle-paced and the best option for the little guy getting started on the scooter. This option has a unique dual-deck design which allows the rider the comfort of keeping their feet side by side rather than toe to heal as conventional scooters do. This allows for greater balance and stability and makes the best entry level option for electric scooters.

Don’t think this is a puny ride, the high torque motor may take a kick or two to get going, but once it gets going, it can carry the chunkiest 8-year-old at a good nine mph. Heavy-duty 6-inch urethane wheels may not be the smoothest ride but can certainly keep the ride steady and will never puncture or need replacing.

The braking system is also a simplistic introduction and applied to the rear wheels alone. Responsive design allows the braking system to be engaged with the strength of a tiny fist.

Power for the electric scooter comes from a dual 12V system and will run for 40 minutes with from a full 12-hour charge.

2. The Razor E100 Review

Next up on the list and slightly increasing in speed, we find the Razor E100. This is the next member of the Razor family and takes beginners to slightly higher speeds and greater thrills. The materials are terrific with a steel frame and fork was supporting the urethane rear wheels and pneumatic front tires. The deck is large enough for both side-by-side and toe-to-heel foot positioning.

The motor is the real “Big Boy” deal and requires a kick to get it started –how fun is this going to be? Once engaged, the high-power chain-driven motor will reach speeds up to 10 mph on a straight course and of course much faster move downhill. The motor is engaged with a twist grip throttle opposite the braking system.

One downside to an otherwise excellent option is the braking system that was placed in the front rather than the back. This coupled with the urethane rear wheels may make stopping quickly a little difficult. The max weight for this ride is 120 pounds which is suitable for the 6 to 10 age brackets. Expect some assembly when ordering online along with a full 12 hours of charging time before the first use.

3. The Razor E200 Review

As you can see the options are becoming appropriate for older age levels. This next option has increased speeds and power to take an adventurous kid over hills and across greater distances with improved battery life.

While the adrenaline infused kid will love the increased speeds, 12 mph thanks to high-power motor and chain drove power, it is the increased distances they will be able to cover. A full 12 miles are available for exploration due to a 24V battery capable of a full hour of service on a single charge.

Greater exploration means a greater chance of varying terrains and the tough steel frame and fork will keep a youngster stable and safe as they go. The wide deck adds to this stability and allows for multiple foot positioning. The weight capacity, as well as the age range, has been raised as well. Now kids as older than 11 and as heavy as 160 pounds can get in the fun and adventure.

We also see the same exciting twist throttle we see in other Razor products, but a few new features as well. Both front and back tire are 8-inch pneumatic tires that provide considerably more traction across multiple surfaces, but also greater stability.

You will be happy to know that with these increased speeds the safety features of the braking system have also been upgraded. The brakes have been moved to the rear, and the traction of tires improved making this a safe ride across all types of environments.

There will be some assembly required when you order this online so break out the tool box.

4. The Razor E300 Review

This brings us to the fastest option from Razor and arguably the greatest option available in 2018. The Razor E300 stands for speed, excitement and a design that will tempt even the biggest of kids to take a ride round the block. As long as you are under the hefty 220-pound weight capacity, there is no reason not to.

The first and most significant factor is the speeds which can reach a white-knuckle speed of 15 mph. Of course, caution should be taken to not go faster than this. This speed is carefully balanced and controlled by a heavy-duty steel frame for stability and safety across various terrains.

As you can imagine the power of this formidable electric scooter comes from chain-driven motors and potent batteries. You can expect a full hour of use from the 24V battery on full charge. So, consider everything in a 6 to a 7-mile radius, you can get there and back before the battery is dead. Better yet, now you can send Junior.

A super-sized deck and extra wide pneumatic tires (10-inch) make the Razor E300 stable at increased speeds, and you will even find the retractable kick-stand for safe parking. But, don’t ever do this unless you have safely locked up your electric scooter, it won’t be there when you return otherwise.

5. The Razor E300 (Seated) Review

The final option on our list today is for those kids who would prefer the option of standing or sitting while cruising about on their electric scooter. With the same high-quality steel frame and sturdy construction, the weight limitations and age parameters remain unchanged for this electric scooter.

The powerful chain-driven motor is also the same one capable of carrying 220 pounds at 15 mph. Which makes this electric scooter well-suited to several members of the family. The only difference between this option and the other is the seat that has been found very popular with kids everywhere. Expect some assembly when ordering this option online.