Breathalyzer To Start Car


The ignition interlock device connects to a breathalyzer and will prevent a car from starting if a convicted drunk driver is intoxicated, according to the law. "This device measures the alcohol in the …

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SmartStart Ignition Interlock Device Overview A car breathalyzer is one of the last barriers to drunk driving prevention for DUI offenders

You have a DUI conviction and you’re required to install a car breathalyzer or interlock in your vehicle. What happens when you have a interlock device?

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called an ignition interlock device or IID, each time they start their car for six months. The devices also require random tests while in motion, to prevent the driver from drinking after they’ve pass…

An ignition interlock breathalyzer is a device used to prevent an intoxicated individual from driving their vehicle. Usually using advance fuel-cell sensor technology, the alcohol tester is connected to the vehicles iginition system. When alcohol is detected at a preset level (usually .02 or .04) the interlock will not start the vehicle.

What You Should Know. Have you noticed that very few Ignition Interlock Companies talk about the car breathalyzer device they are leasing!! Are you curious as to why?

The breathalyzer device would force drivers to test their blood-alcohol content (BAC) levels before being able to start the car. ADVERTISEMENT The devices are typically attached to a car’s ignition. I…

Bac Weight Time Chart A Blood alcohol concentration (bac) chart is a general guidline only and NOT the sole way to determine someone’s intoxication level. Other factors such as body type and age will impact BAC levels indicated here. The disclaimer does highlight an important caveat to use of the Virtual bar app. specifically, it should only be used

Those devices are breathalyzers usually attached to the ignition system of the vehicles, and require you to test your blood-alcohol content before unlocking and starting your car. If your BAC is above …

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